NCGC - Nederlands Centrum voor Geweldige Communicatie

More info David Weinstock 11-16 May 2014

What will we be doing?

David works with what's alive in the group and integrates this with many exercises, based on the 5 elements. Click on the small pdf file on the right.


The total price of food and lodging is € 300.-- for 5 days. The trainers fee starts with € 950.-- Prices include € 300.-- for food and lodging.

  1. € 1,250.--    Private persons 
  2. € 1,350.--    Independant Entrepreneur
  3. € 2,500.--    Business

Cancellation by NCGC

In the case of less than 24 registrations, NCGC reserves the rights to cancel the training. You will then be refunded the fee paid. Should the training be cancelled by NCGC, you will receive information regarding this by 1 May at the latest (with the exception of unforeseen circumstances).

Cancellation by a participant

Cancellation can only be made by e-mail (or writing): date of receipt (of cancellation notification) is the legally valid date. A non-refundable fee of € 50,-- will be charged for the registration fee. The registration may be transferred to another person, when you cancel before the training starts. Your replacement is from then on responsible for all (payment) oblications. In case of cancellation...

  • ... up to 1 March we charge € 50.--  (cancellation costs);
  • ... between 1 March & 1 April, we charge 25% of the total training fee;
  • ... between 1 & 15 April we charge 50% of the total training fee;
  • ... between 15 April & 10 May we charge 100% of the total training fee;
  • ... during the 5-day retreat we charge 100% of the total training fee.

Join us?

When you sign in for this retreat, we assume you have read and agreed with our Candellation Conditions (as mentioned above) and our General Terms and Conditions. Questions? Call Susana: +31 6 15165652. Or sign in immediately on this page. Most welcome!

"What I experienced very powerfully throughout the day was your sincerity of presence and embodiment of NVC consciousness."

– Lucy Leu, NVC Trainer and author of The NVC Workbook