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11 mei 2014

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Embodying Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

the  WISDOM  of  our  BODY  and  the 5  ELEMENTS

5 day retreat | May 11-16, 2014 | The Netherlands

Allow yourself

five days in flow to experience, taste and feel NVC in every fiber of your body. Join us with lots or little NVC experience. Practice ways to frame embodied NVC into words, from a centered and empathic presence. Cherish yourself with the power of compassion, grounded in the community we create together. Enjoy the landscape, peace, learning and laughing together with David Weinstock and about 30 others. Get inspired by the 5 elements with powerful ground, water, fire, wind and space exercises. Bathe for 5 days in NVC, mixed with Somatic Consensus. Go home with more joy, power and ease.

David Weinstock

“To live our lives fully, it is essential to understand and articulate what we deeply care about. Somatic Consensus engages our physical, emotional, linguistic, intellectual and intuitive resources and helps them work together so we can build our capacity to manage mood and emotion, take skilful, decisive action and relate compassionately.”  David is a certified NVC trainer, Somatic Coach, Aikido Instructor for 30 years and originator of Somatic Consensus. He has led community workshops in schools, prisons, businesses & organisations around the world. He co-founded an international community in Washington, where he has been developing and sharing NVC, Consensus & Leadership skills for the past 20 years. Look at David's video:


We will stay at: Centrum de Horst, near Winterswijk, Holland. This renovated, typically Dutch farm from 1530 has a domestic meeting room, a wooden floor and a generous fire place. There is a sauna and beds for 30 people. Our hosts Anke and Jan are looking forward to welcoming us.

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Praktische gegevens
  • Datum: 11 mei 2014
  • Trainer: David Weinstock
  • Locatie: Winterswijk
  • Kosten: Early bird: € 700,-- Sole practitioners: € 900,-- (excl. tax) | Food and lodging: € 300,--